A simple and efficient access to R from Python

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You can download RPy from the RPy Sourceforge downloads page .

Check the SVN code repository for a development snapshot.

For rpy2, check the rpy2 page


For installation instructions, please see the README file (this file is also included in the source distribution).

For some systems, you may need to do some minor libraries arrangement, check the FAQ.

Notes for Window users:

On Windows, you must install the following Python extensions in order to use RPy: You must use an Rpy binary that corresponds to the version of R, and Python you have installed. For example, rpy-0.4.6-R-2.0.0-to-2.2.1-py24.win32.exe is for
  • RPy version 0.4.6
  • R versions 2.0.0 through 2.2.1
  • Python version 2.4


The development version of RPy can be accessed via CVS in the Sourceforge repository. Be careful because the CVS version may be unstable.


Last update on 10-2012