A simple and efficient access to R from Python

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RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interface to the R Programming Language. It can manage all kinds of R objects and can execute arbitrary R functions (including the graphic functions). All errors from the R language are converted to Python exceptions. Any module installed for the R system can be used from within Python.

This code is inspired by RSPython from the Omegahat project. The main goals of RPy are:

  • to have a very robust interface for using R from Python
  • the interface should be as transparent and easy to use as possible
  • it should be usable for real scientific and statistical computations

Tim Churches wrote a demo, which illustrates the use of RPy.

Call for contributions

I appreciate all your feedback. If you have use RPy on a real world project or if you have an interesting example or demo, please, drop me a line. I'd like to collect some info, in this pages, about real examples, to show the Python and R joint capabilities. I hope that it will motivate many people in the scientific and statistics world to use Python.

A tentative rewrite of RPy is being done, building on some of what is existing but also redesigning a significant part. If you have wishes to express, or will to participate, the moment is now.


Last update on 10-2012